What is a Residential Care Home?

Residential Care homes, also known as board and care homes or care homes, offer personalized services to small groups of adults. They provide lodging, meal services and assistance with daily living activities.


Unlike nursing homes, care homes are non-medical, and are designed to enhance an enjoyable lifestyle. Services are dependent upon the residents’ individual needs with a wide variety of services.

Who is a Candidate for Residential Care Home? 

Resdiential Caare Home's serve adults who desire to transition from home or those who discharge from a nursing home facility, rehabilitation center or hospital. 

Criteria for assistance is based on the resident’s ability to perform select daily activities as well as physical ability. Those with cognitive or physical disabilities will benefit from the unique facilities and trained staff at Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care.

What Does A Residential Care Home Provide?

1. Safety And Security.

Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care is designed with safety in mind, and qualified personnel are on duty to address any need or situation of a resident. 

2. Personal Living Experience. 

An active social life is fundamental to health and well being.  Community involvement means interaction with friends who keep you feeling connected and happy. 

3. Lifestyle. 

Activities encourage physical and mental wellness. Pathways provides nutrition combined with wellness programs which strive to increase overall health.


4. Assistance And Support

Whether a resident needs help with daily living activities or simply needs to feel connected and surrounded by people, our fully trained staff will be there for assistance. Each day residents will be greeted by a caregiver who will aid with daily needs of bathing, dressing, groomin and medication monitoring.